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Milesian Who's Who
. . . famous Atheist quotes plus
others from Agnostics, Freethinkers and Deists!

Any Who’s Who of famous Atheists, Agnostics, Freethinkers and Deists cannot be complete. Throughout recorded history, aggressive persecution and alienation has compelled many of them to appear to believe in a God — and in some cases, like during the Spanish Inquisition, “a specific God!” We have become a world where we are compelled to “say the correct thing” . . . this is especially true of politicians who see a need to be electable more important than revealing their personal beliefs.

Our list is by no means complete. We welcome your additions or deletions.

                                             Nobel Prize Winner
                                             Especially Noteworthy

Clark Adams
John Adams
Amy Alkon
Susan B. Anthony
Francois Marie
Isaac Asimov
Margaret Atwood
Dan Barker
Irving Berlin
Ambrose Bierce
Napoleon Bonaparte
Pearl S. Buck
Warren Buffett 
Richard Burton
E. Cady-Stanton
June Callwood
Albert Camus
George Carlin
Andrew Carnegie
Dick Cavett
Matt Cherry
Noam Chomsky
Winston Churchill
Helen Clark
Sir Arthur C. Clarke
Samuel Clemens
        “Mark Twain”
George Clooney
Douglas Coupland
Noel Coward
David Cronenberg
Marie Curie
Clarence Darrow
Charles Darwin
Richard Dawkins
Daniel Dennett
Jared Diamond
Dennis Diderot
Margaret Downey
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
Albert Ellis
Jodi Foster
Benjamin Franklin
Sigmund Freud
Robert Frost

Stephen Fry
Mynga Futrell
Bill Gates 
Paul Geisert
Bob Geldof
Michail Gorbachev
Germaine Greer
Kathy Griffin
Sam Harris
Robert Heinlein
Ernest Hemingway

Nat Hentoff
Kathryn Hepburn

David Hume
Aldous Huxley
Sir Julian Huxley
Thomas Huxley
Robert G. Ingersoll
Thomas Jefferson
Billy Joel
John of Lackland
Angelina Jolie
James Joyce
Diane Keaton
Larry King
Paul Krassner
Stanley Kubrick
Marilyn LaCourt
Dalai Lama
Bruce Lee
John Lennon
Abraham Lincoln
Mel Lipman
James Lipton
H. P. Lovecraft
James Madison
Christopher Marlowe
Marquis de Sade
Joseph McCabe
Robert McNally
Karl Marx
David Matthews
Henry Lewis       Mencken
Jean Meslier
Arthur Miller
Jean Stewart Mills
Desmond Morris
Jawaharhial Nehru

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Jack Nicholson
Freidrich Nietzsche
Madalyn Murray

George Orwell
Thomas Paine
Olof Palme
Steven Pinker
James Randi
Ron Reagan Jr.
Christopher Reeve
Mordecai Richler
Gene Roddenberry
Andy Rooney
Arthur Rubenstein
Salmon Rushdie
Bertrand Russell
Carl Sagan
Jean Paul Sartre
Arthur Shopenhauer
Herb Silverman
Charles Schulz 
Lucius Annacus

George Bernard

Percy Shelley
Burrhus Brederick
     Skinner “B.F.”
Annika Sorenstam
Sir Charles Spencer
    “Charlie Chaplin”
Dr.Benjamin Spock
Rod Steiger
Gloria Steinem
Sir Leslie Stephen
William Howard

Vincent Van Gogh
Kurt Vonnegut
Gore Vidal
George Washington
Dr. James Watson
Steven Weinberg 
Oscar Wilde
Ted Williams
Bruce Willis
Virginia Woolf
Thomas Woolston
Steve Wozniak
Frank Lloyd Wright

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